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Busy and such - Thoughts about Geinwortelparadijs — LiveJournal

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December 21st, 2008

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08:46 pm - Busy and such
Well, this has been a long time again since I last posted. Uni work has kept me busy most of the time, but I had the chance to try to write some flavourtext once. This partially failed again I think as it has become to long again, and I doubt that what I have now has a part that can be shorted to flavourtext.
But the good news is that it feels like the start of a story and today I typed it from my notes and put it on the website.
I don't know when(if) I will translate it, but it's on the new page that has been made some months ago to keep all the stories on. This page was mainly made to put the edited version of the backlog from the game I run on Rondaks Portal to give people a chance to read it, especially a player that returned after being to busy for a while.
But on that page all the stories will be gathered that take place in the world to help people get an idea of how the world feels and functions.
If you want to look, go to the site and hit stories or just the direct link

Let me know what you think of it

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