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Thoughts about Geinwortelparadijs

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June 18th, 2008

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03:45 pm - Gnomisch inventions
I forgot what it was that got me thinking about the effects of to much technology on my world. I think it was something I read about the dragonlance world when doing research for what is probably finally going to be a character for a real life rp group that I found.
It made me think that I had to be careful about not making their impact to big while not doing something that is as annoying for playing such a character as the curse of the dragonlance tinker gnomes.
So I think I will have to write a piece about their inventions and their successes and failures for the guide to tell about how they generally make what they intent, but that the inventions in the beginning often unreliable and fragile, although the latter often stays a problem. I can imagine somebody(well especially a dwarf being stereotypical) in an obviously exaggerated way declare you nuts to even consider to travel by gnomisch airship telling you it's about as safe as jumping of a cliff.
If you want to capture it in rules you would want the success rate to follow an horizontally asymptotic function meaning after each test the risks become less, and in time this progression goes to almost 0 but for practical purposes there will always stay a risk. Just like the right half side of an arctan function ( This is how an arctan function looks like)
With dice I would say a one on a d30 or d100 or so, but I would have to ponder how to fix that when I have finished my variant on the SAGA system, probably with lowering the difficulty till only trumping a dragon would mess it up (Or if I would get it in my mind to replace the whole deck, trumping a geinwortel or something :P ), but as for really low checks in saga you can avoid trumping you might want to make this check one that trumps unless you play a card from the right suit. Not completely figured this one out but that doesn't matter as I need to fix those core principle first.

Well writing this piece has now at least clarified the ideas to me that I want to put in the piece of text that would probably be like a sidebar at the gnome description and some things I want to cover in their flavour text to show it in effect.

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